Open positions

We are always looking to recruit talented students and researchers.

To help solve Darwin’s “mystery of mysteries”, the process by which new species are formed, lab members receive training in a variety of tools/techniques including: the use cutting edge genetic techniques, genomics, behavioral observations, reproductive biology and gas-chromatography.

Prospective PhD students

Graduate students can apply through two different programs within the School of Biological Sciences Graduate Program. The application deadline is January 3, 2019 and there is no application fee.

The School of Biological Sciences has a strong and growing community of evolutionary geneticists making it a great place for collaborative science.

Before applying, interested students should email Dean to discuss which program they are best suited for. Informal questions about my lab and the graduate program at Utah are also welcome.

Prospective Postdocs

We welcome inquiries from prospective postdocs interested in the lab and advise doctoral students to begin looking into funding sources at least one year before graduation. Interested doctoral students should contact Dean to discuss possible projects and funding sources. The best way to fund postdoctoral research is by obtaining external fellowships (NSF, NIH NRSA, etc).